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Welcome to :iconmusclegrowthroleplay: a club designed for people that are into musclegrowth roleplay. Select a person from the roleplay list, send the person you want to chat with a note and then you can exchange messenger tags and begin chatting. This way the club runs itself and the more the members we have, the larger our community and more potential people to talk to as oppossed to talking with the same person each time. Plus this is a chance for female/male muscle fans to get to know each other outside of their DA page.

Feel free to submit any muscle-themed artwork, animations, and stories to the group. We want to showcase the amazing work that you people do. If you are advertising for commissions we have a folder titled "COMMISSION PROMOTIONS" where we can post your promotional picture for your page. Enjoy yourselves and have fun.


Be sure to always check the "Commissions" folder. Many of these artist that post do commissions and we want to support them to allow them to keep making the amazing art you see here. Some who are always advertising are :iconstone3d::icongpfer: check out their pages, their prices are reasonable.
Hello everyone. In an attempt to make it easier for people to connect we thought that it would be nice to have a list of people who actively roleplay. How this list works is that we simply put a link to your page in this blog entry for all to see so current and new members can see who is available to roleplay as oppossed to just randomly picking someone from the list. If you want to roleplay with people on the list just send them a note to determine preferences, when and where you will chat. We will "not" post messenger tags or email addresses here just the link to your DA page to protect the privacy of our members. If you want to be included on the list just post a comment to this blog entry.

Our official chatroom on DA is here:…

Edit:  Jahnah 2/9/15 will update the list later putting them into activity categories such as active rper, somewhat active, inactive etc.  if you are offline for more than 3 months I will delete your name off the list, that is all.

Re-edit:  Jahnah 5/7/15 busy cleaning out list, there are more inactives, and offline time to deletion has decreased from 3 months to 1, or if I have contacted a person and have never received a reply, exceptions apply, but some people I have been more than a little lenient with.

Update: If for any reason you want to be removed from the list just send me a note to let me know.

*Roleplay List*
:iconblackkusanagi::iconthekingofrivers::icondogs70::iconthomas1850::iconbilly3802::iconkittyelfie::iconhella-sekella::iconal203: :icongrowinggod31::icongrandmasterlucilious::iconthebreastman17::iconexpander92::iconlogan5545::iconterrared::iconmasterbrowneyed::iconjnw550::iconicelandicboy::icongangem90::iconjstfsc::iconmetalocalypseexplode::iconrambos5::iconmarvelmusclegirl::iconentropy232::iconbri159::iconblackusurp::icondanydii13: :iconturbo99::icontjb5397::iconpsycotigerman::iconrosezobel: :iconlongotongo::iconmagnusmagneto::iconminamo21::iconblinkowarner::icondrac013::iconpurplechaos: :icontrueleonpriest::iconmikevieira::iconfmg-queen::iconpowermadtitan::iconexplorer46350::iconmzxknight::iconepicmusclefan::icongodforoth::iconmetalgrunt::iconfemalemuscleworship::icontheothermolly::iconclausoak::iconviolanarrayya::iconabyssdemonxes::iconneko--kun::iconspockdoc::iconmusclegoddessmariah::iconaldebaran086::icontobequeen::icontimmyjones789::iconsnowweights::icongamble24::iconlittledeviant35::iconyohko3: :iconcybertronprime::iconkaisai134::iconkronox20022002::iconuberdspy::iconjahnah::iconadaras::icontycho-skies::iconpj-k21::icondevoted2muscles:

Currently unavailable:  (busy or just full on rps, they will be back eventually)
:iconalphavragg735: :iconmanthomex: :iconmizukinagano:
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fictionfan45 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for adding me. If anyone is interested in RPing with me, send me a note with your Skype contact if you have one
fictionfan45 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
How do I join?
tmbosch Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
Hello, Thanks for the accept. Will hopefully be sending notes for RP soon.
PJ-K21 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  New Deviant
(I'm sorry for commenting so often on here.)
Is there anyone here interested in a shantae roleplay?
There is barely any muscular shantae stuff on the internet, and I wondered if there is someone who would roleplay with me.
Send me a note if you're interested.
muscle82002 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
no need to apologize that is what this group was made for: Roleplay:D (Big Grin) 
PJ-K21 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  New Deviant
Okay, it's just that kind of guy that doesn't want to offend anyone by asking things multiple times, that's why I said sorry.:) (Smile) 
(You wouldn't happen to have time to roleplay with me?
It doesn't have to be shantae specifically, it can also be something else.)
IcelandicBoy Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
Looking for anyone interested in doing storyline driven RPs with action, romance and character devolepment in them. I also enjoy doing Romance and Dom RPs.

I am really into huge size differences and Furry/Human Interactions, as well as well muscled furry characters, mostly the women. I can play male or female characters and more than one, got some experience as a DM. 

I always write my posts well, to have them descriptve and I want the same from the one I am RPng with; flat, one liners always kills the mood for me.

I also prefer to RP via skype. If anyone is interested, reply here or send me a Note! :)
PJ-K21 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  New Deviant
I'm in a big roleplay mood now.
I like to use notes, use video game characters (Especially nintendo) to roleplay.
muscle82002 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
Apologies to all for taking a few days to approve pictures/stories for the gallery.
devoted2Muscles Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  New Deviant
thank you all for letting me in. have a great weekend
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